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Using Cover Letters to Build Relationships

Many people assume that the cover letter is just a formality and simply something hiring managers and recruiters have come to expect. But the cover letter serves a much higher purpose.
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Does your resume unlock your potential, take your skills to the highest level and win you an interview and the job you want now?

Remember that you have only a short amount of time to impress the company. Recruitment staff will scan your resume for approximately 15 seconds before they decide whether you should be invited in for an interview
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Designing and Using an Employment Portfolio

So what is an employment portfolio? It is a folder, where you compile documentation supporting your accomplishments.  Items to consider including are ...
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10 Great Questions For Small Business Owners To Ask When Selecting Staff

As a small business owner you want to employ and select the right people for your business. Having a good set of staff will attract new customers, grow your business, and increase profits. All because you asked the right questions and you found the right fit. You can start with asking yourself these questions ...
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What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

The fastest way to make a good interview go bad is to avoid questions posed by the hiring manager. The one question candidates love to avoid is, "What is your greatest weakness?" Most candidates are quick to respond with superficial answers such as "I'm a workaholic" or "I'm a perfectionist." Not only are those responses boring, but they are also predictable answers interviewers are used to hearing. So much so that an interviewer's comeback line often is, "That doesn't sound like a weakness. Now why don't you tell me about a real weakness?"
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Resume Tip - Market Yourself and Stand Out From the Crowd

Writing a great resume requires careful balance. While you should utilize a style that employers will be familiar with, you also need to find ways to highlight your abilities. Imagine your resume as an important self-marketing tool. The sole function of the well-written resume is to convince potential employers that YOU are the perfect candidate for the job you seek.
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Why Are 95% of Job Applicants Not Called Back?

Have you been desperately looking for a job and keep coming up short? Despite all that you do, does every attempt you make seem to fail? Are you at that point of quitting? Ever wonder why you have not been called back? Not long ago, I was right where you are. I was all over the place, running here and there looking for the magic pill to help me. Then it hit me. Have you ever noticed that some people always seem to have employers chasing them? If you are like me, you probably wondered, what's their secret?
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Finally Revealed: The Top 7 Resume Killers?

In this article, you will learn the real keys to standing out and rising above the norm. Stick to the facts and only reveal information that will encourage the reader to call you for an interview. If in doubt, leave it out. Pay careful attention to this one.
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Salary Negotiations - What You Need to Know

Salary negotiations are a lot like the game show Deal or No Deal, except of course for the 26 models and Howie Mandel. When you're presented with an offer, you have two choices: You can either accept it, or reject it and gamble for a better payout.
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How to Get Employers to Call You for a Job Interview?

According to a number of surveys, poorly executed resumés are stifling the career opportunities of many employment seekers.  Here are Five Helpful Hints for Creating a Winning Resumé.
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Pre-Interview Coaching Can Help You Get That Dream Job.

Most of us find interviews challenging. For some of us, our nerves get the better of us and prevent us from making a good impression. If we do not perform as well as we wanted and perhaps receive a number of rejections, this negative experience of interviews creates what is called a 'negative anchor' which makes it highly likely that nerves will again take over at the next interview situation.
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