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Resumes Online observes the 11 Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 and is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information and to abiding to all the laws under the Privacy Act 1988. Resumes Online privacy laws has been created to identify what personal information may be collected, for what purpose this information can be collected, who can share the information and how the information can be protected.

Resumes Online recognises the rights of disclosure and use of personal information. Resumes Online aims to make sure that individuals know who collects personal information about them, the purpose of collection and what happens to the information after it is collected. Resumes Online will only collect information that is important for the purposes of and directly related to Resumes Online.

Purpose for which we hold information

Resumes Online will hold personal information to collects personal information for inclusion in a record or in a generally available publication; and the information collected is relevant to that purpose and is kept up to date. Resumes Online will only use or disclose personal information that has been provided to us if we have been given authority to do so and there has been no objection to that use or disclosure.

Ordering Via the website and emails

Resumes Online shall ensure: that all records are protected by encryption and security software to ensure that your personal information is secure against unauthorised access, and everything reasonably within the power of Resumes Online is done to prevent unauthorised use or disclosure of information contained in the record. We take the necessary reasonable steps to secure information in our own systems.

For further information please contact:

Privacy Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001
Privacy Hotline: 1300 363 992
Telephone: (02) 9284 9800
Fax: (02) 9284 9666



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