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Why didn’t I go to you earlier! The cover letter and the resume were outstanding. I got the job that I wanted after so many tries. They called me after 3 days and gave me the brilliant news. I can’t thankyou enough! I’ll tell everybody about your services.”
Jane, IT consultant

I was able to land my life long dream job (a total career change for me). With your professional advice, I made it happen.
Eddy, Accountant

The standard and service you provided was excellent. You responded immediately and produced exactly what I wanted. The resume and cover letter produced the results I was looking for . I got the interview! Thankyou for all your professionalism and hard work.
Sue, Business Analyst

I was successful! I secured the job! The attention to detail that you gave my resume and cover letter landed me the interview and then the job. Thank you very much. I will recommend you to everyone I know.
Tom, Business Consultant

The resume worked for me. You created a comprehensive resume with a lot of detail. The end product was dynamic and powerful. My talents and strengths were demonstrated so clearly. Thanks so much!! My views of applying for jobs now has changed so dramatically.
Sally, Teacher

Thank you so much for the free critique, I feel so much better now about my resume and cover letter. You have given me more understanding and depth. I will tell all my friends about you. You have positioned me to gain the best possible advantage….Thank you!
Ryan, Managing Director

Debbie, I didn’t know what to expect when I returned to the workforce after my children started school. The quality and commitment you have given me landed me the job interview. I am so excited about all the prospects ahead. I will be contacting all my friends about your excellent service.”
Linda, Mother and HR consultant

I failed so many interviews because I just assumed they would read my resume and then see what a wonderful guy I was. I now realize that going for an interview is like building a house from the foundations up. Plenty of planning and research! The interview coaching was structured and full of fantastic tips and resources. Thankyou!
William Stelth- Senior Lecturer

I walked into the interview so confident and self-assured! Thanks to your coaching this time I was prepared for any of the answers. My preparation has paid off. I landed the job. Thankyou!!!!
Jack Broadbent- Senior Manager

Thankyou Debbie ….Interviewing skills was something I never really thought about. But after I was coached by you I understood that I needed to demonstrate my strengths and knowledge. The value that I was able to communicate at the interview was critical to getting the job.
Jane Shore – IT Manager

First the resume, then the job offer…..what next! Thankyou for all your hard work in coaching me through all the elements of interview coaching.
Gary Page-Sales Manager




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